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Property | Accidents | Personal Injury | Wills and Probate | Family Matters | Employment | Environmental Matters


Commercial, Residential and Rural Conveyancing. Commercial and Residential Leases. Planning and Tax related issues.

Family Law

Access, Custody and Guardianship, Divorce, Separation and Mediation

Wills and Probate

Enduring Powers of Attorney,Estate Planning, Probate Extraction, Will Drafting and Updating, Tax Planning

Personal Injury

Work place accidents, Medical Negligence, personal injuries.


Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicyle accidents or pedestrian accidents

Employment Law

Unfair treatment in the workplace, unfair dismissal.

Environmental Law 


Waste Management

Municipal waste, Agricultural waste, and hazardous substances all fall in the category of waste management.


Wind & Solar farms

Advise for landowners and developers in relation to windfarm  and solar farm developments

Water & Air Quality

Water and air  pollution. Water rights and how to handle potential problems like treating waste water and managing surface run off.


Land Use

Regulate and protect wildlife populations.  Forest protection, mineral harvesting and animal and fish populations.

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Environmental Law

Walter P.Toolan and Sons Solicitors have been involved in planning and development cases, Land Use cases, Waste Management cases and numerous other Environmental issues  for over 25 years. Acted for numerous  individuals, Companies, Associations, and NGOs  in the environmental field. Environmental law is the collection of laws, regulations, agreements and common law that governs how we as  humans interact with our environment. The reason for environmental law is to protect the environment and create rules for how people can use natural resources. 

Environmental laws not only aim to protect the environment from harm,but they also determine who can use natural resources and on what terms. Laws may regulate  waste  and pollution, Land use in relation to planning and development, the use of natural resources, forest protection, mineral harvesting and animal and fish populations. Acted for and advised  Crann, the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association, Pro Silva ,the Organic Centre, numerous local area environmental associations  and area and issue specific associations

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A Tradition of Excellence

For over 106 years, the firm of Walter P Toolan & Sons, incorporating the practices of Peter Canning and James A Kiernan, has been at the heart of legal practice in Co Leitrim and west Cavan

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