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General Litigation

We provide advice in respect of all general matters of litigation and have experience in successfully dealing with contentious property disputes, contentious contractual disputes, defamation proceedings, disputes involving Local Authorities and other Public Bodies.

If you require advice in relation to any such matter or wish to bring a claim in respect of such an issue please fill in our contact form via the button below or call us directly.

In contentious business, a Solicitor is prohibited from calculating his/her fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

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Contractual Disputes

Trespass, Nuisance, Damage to Property


Local Authority Litigation

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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution is a significant part of the business of this practice. Civil disputes have traditionally been resolved through recourse to the Courts system.Your solicitor will guide you through the steps to be taken to ensure that all your rights and entitlements are fully availed of. Your solicitor will further obtain independent expert advice from members of the Barristers profession with particular and specific expertise in all areas of the law and such advice may be obtained as a prelude to embarking on the litigation process.

The Courts with Civil Jurisdiction in Ireland 

  1. The District Court.
    The District Court deals with claims up to a value of €15,000.00. All manner of disputes to  include road traffic disputes and Contract and Tort disputes are heard in this  Court.
  2. The Circuit Court.
    The Circuit Court deals with claims up to the value of €75,000.00 (or €60,000.00 for persaonl injury actions) and deals with all  manner of disputes.
  3. The High Court.
    This Court has unlimited Jurisdiction for claims of a value of above €75,000.00.
  4. The Court of Appeal.
    This Court has jurisdiction to deal with appeals from the High Court.
  5. The Supreme Court.
    Is the Court of Final Jurisdiction in Ireland

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