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Have You Made Your Will?

Our  firm has long been recognised as one of the most respected firms in Counties Leitrim, Cavan and Roscommon in this area of Wills and Probate and operates an efficient knowledge based Probate service.

Have You Had An Accident?

If you have experienced an accident or personal injury of any form that you feel you were not responsible for you may be entitled to a claim. Please fill our our contact form via the button below or call us directly on 071 964 4004.

Unfair Treatment in the Work Place and Employment Law

The rights, entitlements and obligation of employers and employees in relation to the law. We offer expert legal advice in relation to employment law for both Employers and Employees.

Property Conveyancing ?

We offer a full range of legal services and offer informed and researched advice in all matters realting to property conveyancing, leasing and planning. We have we have vast experience and understanding of the complexity of all property-based transactions. We  work closely with our clients and tax consultants, architects, engineers, surveyors and other professionals where required.

Environmental issues ?

Environmental laws not only aim to protect the environment from harm, but they also determine who can use natural resources and on what terms. Laws may regulate pollution, the use of natural resources, forest protection, mineral harvesting and animal and fish populations.